Renaming the months

I propose we start counting months by number. Some already are (September, October, November, and December). And the rest are mosty god or emperor names. Do we need to keep those and have names unrelated to the number? Not really . . .

Japanese and Chinese don’t have that either. Just 1月、2月、3月。。。 (Although apparently the Chinese used to have particular names and stopped using them xD.)

So we can start too. Latin names sound cooler, so let’s just count with those. We use some of them in English anyway.

I suggest with little but enough confidence:

  1. unatilis

  2. bitilis

  3. tritilis

  4. quatilis

  5. quintilis

  6. sextilis

  7. september

  8. october

  9. november

  10. december

  11. undecimber

  12. duodecimber

(If you know how to more properly deal with latin numbers… feel free to let me know.)

Anyhoo, I have half a year to figure that out :p

Or I could just do Onemon, Twomon, Threemon, Fourmon, etc.
It’s easier to get started.