Garden of Minds

I’m a human from earth.

This blog is for my rambling, artwork, poetry, and anything else I feel like posting. A main reason I’m writing a blog rather than a personal journal is to set the ideas free.

Subscribe at your own wish. You may be brainwashed.

I’ve been inspired by the idea of digital gardens to actively curate the structure of my blog and website rather than just using a chronological ordering of posts.

This is also inspried by the ideas in my post Garden of Minds combined with a panpsychist ethos by which even blog posts are mind fragments with their own beingness.

For the time being, the site is quite disorganized as I move the site from Jekyll: Thus Lives Zarathustra. Images and math from TLZ may not be fully functional on the current site yet. A collection of possibly interesting passages from social media may be found at the Social Media Garden and there is a page listing public video appearances.

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