Long Time No See.

Putting myself out there and keeping up a blog is harder than I’d thought. Perhaps because I don’t really make progress in line with my earlier posts. But the idea isn’t just to journal my progress, is it? It’s for anything.

If I have ideas, post them. If I have insights, post them. If I want to tell a little story, heck, post it. If I want to curse someone out, why not post it. – That’s the general idea.

Forcing myself to take the actions I need to for my goals doesn’t seem to work that well. Perhaps it should come naturally, but I’ve spent a lot of time codifying non-useful habits into my system and making a big deal of the goals seems to enervate me.

So, I’m trying the let go approach. I let go and don’t take them too seriously, and perhaps I’ll build up to naturally working toward the goals. I hope it works, but I can’t hope it works as that is not letting go. . . . . . ..