3 Goals: women, world domination, and life creation.

After a bunch of rambling I seem to have 3 main goals.  I’d love to combine them into one, but that seems difficult without getting even more general.


  1. Get better with women.  (And offline friends.)

  2. Better organize people via expansive e-infrastructure.

  3. Make new life-forms, leading us into the Singularity.


So, it was hard making that first one sound good.  I’m tempted to throw in many things about enjoying my current life as much as I can while pursuing the other two, but I’m doing a fair job of that except with regard to women.  So they don’t get mentioned up there.

2 comes from World Domination.  What would I do if I ruled the world?  Apart from the expanded 1 and 3, this is what I’d do.  ”Fake it till you make it.”

3 boils down AI.  That’s what digital life forms are.  AI.  Uploading humans into new, more flexible forms of existence may work too; this counts as new life-forms. By all means, correct me if I’m wrong, but the upgrading humans approach seems to be a very incremental, step-by-step process.  One that depends largely on scientific and technological advances.  That just doesn’t feel right.  It feels harder to aim for.

I’d really love to combine 2 and 3 into one.  Advancing 2 a lot without 3 will be really good, and may set the stage for a more positive Singularity.  However, somewhere down the line a sort of flexible intelligence will have to be introduced to the equation to get there. It’s possible a use of extensive narrow AI in 2 could morph into a global brain and get us there.  Possible.  But, again, doesn’t seem like something one can aim for.

And there you have it: 3 goals.

I find it interesting how many more ideas I have on this topic as soon as I actually decide to act on my desires.  I’ve spent ages pondering purposes and grand goals. And then I decide, YARGH, I’m acting on them.  Next thing I know my head is full of related ideas and I quickly gain more clarity than I’d had before.  Of course, no supreme certainty or anything.

So, if you’re seeking a ‘purpose’ to get behind, perhaps you have to decide to work towards that purpose whatever it may be.  The chicken does come before the egg.  :O