Would be cool if my eyes recovered so that I no longer need glasses or contacts.

I tried sometimes going without. I can learn to focus better or werse. Coolio.

Weird going some days alternating one-eye-contacts. The free eye focuses in a strange supportive way that neither is close nor far.

Cupping is like Reiki.

Eye-movement exercises like actually using it – not just staring at a screen.

The Prague Castle is nice to look at in the distance.

Writing this I can tell what is on the screen through the blur only because I just wrote it.
Yet I know. Somehow.

My astigmatism seems to have fallen from -1.25 to -0.75!

Purchasing glasse for more flexibility, they’re weird.

At the computer they’re fine. In nature it’s a weird awkward box, further confused by the right-lens being bent up (hey-ho cheap Zennis :<).
Smudges make life awkward here and there, but the lens-coating is better than in the past.
Find myself wearing them most of the time anyway.

Practice is annoying.
Practice is tiresome.

Will I continue? Now I am, a bit.

I’ve wondered: can my third eye help me see with poor vision?

Maybe I need more glasses, one for office and one for home. With contacts I can keep them everywhere.