Public Video Appearances


  1. Thus Spoke Zarathustra Goertzel – Phenomenological Diversity & Altruistic Hedonism with Andreas Xirtus. Basically just discussing life with an acquaintance who has a weird YouTube channel.
  2. Clear Communication, Blue Ray: Confederation of Planets. A podcast seeking to explore the Confederation of Planets philosophy from the L/L Research channelings and to experiment with fleshing out understanding as a “social memory complex” of love-oriented beings. The material on the mutually honest, open, free communication energy center aligns well with my general understanding.
  3. Intuition, Indigo Ray: Confederation of Planets. The third eye chakra seems to, by this philosophy, integrate meditative consciousness work (such as in the PNSE and Fundamental Wellbeing direction) with character sculpting and intuitive knowingness. It seems to be the nexus of harmony and balance.
  4. Pre-Incarnative Choice: Confederation of Planets. Pre-incarnative choice as akin to manifestation whereby one is biased toward engaging with certain life patterns as well as certain life patterns being more likely to (synchronistically) enter one’s life, thus allowing one to explore and develop one’s character in sought-after ways. One may explore narcissism as a route to a deeper, humbler sense of self-worth. And note that one is generally free to deviate from these plans.
  5. Dealing with Surprises, Distortion Catalyst: Confederation of Planets. Distortions are defined as biases in one’s perception, interpretation, and understanding of the universe. Catalysts are any aspect of reality that triggers and/or inspires growth, which can thus be viewed as surprises. There’s some discussion of how to deal with and frame responding to such aspects of reality: “it is only within an atmosphere of love that the self begins to be able to see the self clearly.”


  1. Formalizing Meta-Ethics in SUMO @ AITP22 (starts at 4:17:37): introduction to the formal ethics ontology project.
  2. Parental Guidance in E @ AITP21 (44:06): selecting given clauses in E based on parental features post-generation1.
  3. Make E Smart Again @ IJCAR2020: performing a metaphorical frontal lobotomy on E and seeing if the machine learning can work anyway1.
  4. Make E Smart Again @ AITP20: a live presentation of the same content as at IJCAR.
  5. First Experiments with Watchlist Guidance on Mizar @ AITP18: my first conference talk, which is on the Proofwatch methods.