I used to love games. I played them a lot.

I have vague recollection of pleading others to play War, the card game.

It was great fun. You draw cards and see who wins!

Esentially a prolonged coin-flip? Great! The excitement lasts longer ~

Fighting games are lovely: mastery of defending and kicking ass, honing one’s reflexes.
It’s like imaginary fighting, but you’re really learning how to do it.

Have I spent over a year in The Imaginary Game? Being a conquerer of worlds – of galaxies
– of universes?

Yes, I think I probably have.

Ruaahahahahaahahah :’D

RPGs are great too. I can explore vast worlds, ransack people’s dressers for something other than panties, defeat demon kings . . .

Word of Warcraft consumed me for a year. I had some good balding Ronaldo Paladan, a nice warrior, hunter, priest. I like clubbing away and healing support <3.
And then I can even pow-wow with the e-peeps.
Got the marvelous experience that stuff I do for fun can make money: Chinese people rented my character to mine gold. Probably made back the WoW subscription (and didn’t keep it up that long).

Diablo II. Left huge impressions. Very memorable and fun adventure. Not so many clear details, but artful masterpiece I guess. (-Argh, I guess I should stop saying “I guess”.-)

Star Craft was another year++. Maybe the biggest.
Even inspired my first walkthroughs on my second website!!

Zerg r da bomb. Hasn’t changed for most of my life – although Protos and Terran can be more fun to play with sometimes, they’re just not as cool.

Ah and don’t get me started on Pokemon, Dragon Quest, Lunar, or Tales Of X.

The most funny thing about games is that I basically don’t give a shit anymore.

Oh and shooters. I’ve always been a bit curious about them but meh. meh^meh. 0^0?

I really enjoyed Shovel Knight (my last real game) and playing Smash Brothers with the Japanese dudes in Copenhagen.

However, frankly, I just don’t care.

I’m not inspired to spend time like that. I’d rather read trashy erotic fiction (‘Women’:
I’d rather go meet people and discuss the same topic over and over again, or try to learn to flirt, or play ping-pong (oh, that’s a game, oops).
Maybe stroll through the sun, finally write a novel, relax in a hammock.
Finally learn to code AgI?

Anime are similar to games. Really cool. In a sense I enjoy them, and will even now. I still lovelove One Piece, Vinland Saga, and Hajime no Ippo. Yet the priority-level is too low.

Games and anime are now so low that, while I like and have given them loving caresses for much of this life, it feels a lie, a mockery to utter that I like them.
Even “I used to like games” is too deceptive. I mostly just don’t give a hoot.

I considered briefly becoming a professional Go player. Spent a few months really cramming my books, tsumego, and all. Got up to 1k/1d on KGS. Stopped.

Creativity calls.

This isn’t it.

Now I can play ok as asocial past-time. Whatever.

Strange feeling.

What else I value now that’s generally good fun – even meaningful – will fade out?


Do some require 10 lifetimes to achieve though? Uh, uh, uh!

“Dive in and that which is not needed will fall away” (Ra on asceticism).