Shaun T Quotes

  1. Your focus begins now.
  2. This book isn’t about me. It’s about you.
  3. I’m all carrot and no stick.
  4. You have no choice but to use your core.
  5. When you go to the floor, tighten the core.
  6. Core strength is good no matter how you wear it.
  7. You don’t have to have abs to look sexy or be fit, but you might want them to prevent back pain and improve your posture.
  8. Now as you go through this workout, you really want to focus on what you wanna do for your body.
  9. Stretching is very important for you to feel completed.
  10. It’s not about over-emphasizing the stretch. It’s about getting the perfect stretch and focusing on what your body can do functionally.
  11. It’s not about killing yourself. It’s about going slow, having control, and keeping the focus.
  12. Don’t run from the work. Feel the work.
  13. The workout doesn’t start until you’re out of breath.
  14. The work doesn’t begin until you get tired.
  15. It’s okay to get some water, but don’t take your eyes off me. You’re cute; I’m cute ๐Ÿ˜‰.
  16. And just know that I’m working for you. You’re working for me. That’s why we got rockin’ bodies.
  17. I stress [that it’s] 25 minutes a day ’cause if you get this done, the things that will happen to your body and your life can be absolutely unbelievable. And it’s all done by you!
  18. It’s the beauty; it’s the joy; it’s the love of T25. Come on ๐Ÿ‘
  19. Now look, we’ve gotta take it to the other side. We can’t walk lopsided, ya know what I’m saying? We gotta stay centered.
  20. It was one of those, ‘you got chocolate and I got peanut butter’, moments.
  21. Who are my true pillars of support and who is ready to tear me down if I step out of line?
  22. A Cinnabon isn’t going to kill you, but beating yourself up over it might.
  23. You should be like, “here Shaun, I’m sending you pictures for every second of the workout, ‘cuz my form is perfect”.
  24. You’re in prison by what you hide because that means you haven’t accepted it.
  25. If you ask for the right things, you’ll be surprised in ways you can’t believe.
  26. Lunge squat progression, lunge squat progression!
    Here we go ~

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